Personification : Definition and Examples

Published on 05-Sep-2022

What is Personification?

Personification is a language tool through which the writer gives human characteristics and traits to abstract ideas or objects. Writers use this literary device to convey relatable ideas by using non-literal terms of language. Such as providing emotions to animals, objects, or unseen abstract ideas. Personification is a figure of speech through which authors give readers a representation of their imagination. 

There are no different varieties of Personification. But Personification can be used differently based on the author's imagination and the context of the writing.

Below are a few examples of how writers use Personification as a literary device.

  • The wind whispered in my ears. 

Explanation: Here, the wind was given the human ability to "whisper." In literal terms, it is impossible, but Personification was used for the sound wind made. 

  • The Sun is smiling down on us.

Explanation: Here, the characteristic of "smile" was given to the Sun to describe sunshine through Personification.  

  •  The fertilizing rain descended from heaven.

Explanation: Rain is said to have a "fertilizing" ability. An imagery use of Personification as rain is essential for crops to grow.  

  • The stars in the sky winked at me. 

Explanation: The stars "winked"; the use of Personification here describes twinkling stars in the literary term. 

  • The waves dragged our boat away from the shore.

Explanation: Here, the waves were given the ability to "drag" boats away willingly. The use of Personification here describes how strong the water tides were compared to the boat.  


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