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What is blood clot? | How does a blood clot form? 

Published on 31-Aug-2022

Blood Clot

All know that blood must flow in a smooth and continuous flow to prevent strokes and more problems. Blood clotting is the process by which excessive blood loss occurs when organisms get a cut or severe injury.

So, blood clots save our lives. But if there is no need for blood clots and it is still there, it can cause heart attacks, strokes, or other medical problems. It will take 3 to 5 months for a blood clot to heal and for new tissues to grow. 

How does a blood clot form? 

At first, the tiny bits in our blood are called platelets to form a plug. The plug changes its shape according to the cut to fill it up and prevents blood loss.

The clot starts to grow, and chemical reactions in the skin stop the growth. Our body slowly breaks the clot down because the tissues start healing, and the blood clot is not. 

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