BMI Calculator : Body Mass Index Calculator

Published on 10-Oct-2022

BMI Calculator

Body Mass Index

Body Mass Index, or BMI, is a formula for calculating the ideal body weight based on height and weight. Using their BMI measurement, it is possible to determine a person's weight accuracy or if their body weight is normal or abnormal.

BMI Calculator

Health condition according to BMI or Body Mass Index

1. Lower than normal – BMI 18.5 (kg/m2)

2. Normal – BMI 18.5 – 22.9 (kg/m2)

3. Overweight – BMI 23 – 24.9 (kg/m2)

4. Obesity (Class 1) – BMI 25 – 29.9 (kg/m2)

5. Obesity (class 2) – BMI 30 (kg/m2) or more

BMI and Body Weight

A person's body weight depends on their mass and weight. It is calculated without any other masses except the bodies. A person's body weight is affected by their daily lifestyle and health routine. It depends on the different metabolism a person is used to. An unhealthy person can be extremely underweight or overweight. A person's normal or adequate weight depends on the Body Mass Index (BMI).

The BMI can be calculated by dividing body mass by squared height. An extremely tall person will have more body weight compared to a short person. If a tall person weighs less than normal, then they are underweight. If a short person weighs more than normal, then they are overweight. Weight can be a symptom of many diseases and unhealthy conditions. 

BMI Ranges


It is normally believed that a BMI of 18.49 or below would mean a person is underweight. This is a world where body image and beauty are much more important than being healthy. It is no surprise more people are underweight condition to so many health hazards. Many people, women especially, are the main target of body shaming and unrealistic expectations.

In a social world where magazines and models look a certain way and weigh a certain mass, it influences everyone in the popular limelight. Positive and negative influence is a part of publicity. Being skinny and tall was always important to be beautiful. Now most men and women are both driven by the thought that being skinny means being fit. But for most people, an unhealthy diet and over-exercise lead to more health problems than being fit.

A person being underweight means that there is quick energy loss and low blood pressure. Underweight symptoms also include irregular heartbeats and cold fingers or muscle pain at an early age. Being underweight for a long time could lead to dangerous health issues such as malnutrition, lack of blood cells, and death. 

To cure underweight symptoms, it is important for a healthy diet plan. A nutritious meal is important for everybody. Every day a person requires energy even just to breathe apart from working. The energy must be gained from a planned and vital diet. 


An average person with a greater BMI compared to 25.0 is considered to be Overweight. An unhealthy lifestyle with an unhealthy diet could lead to an overweight condition. As there is a need for every person to have the necessary food for energy, there is also a need for daily exercise to have a healthy energy burnout. It is easy for a person to get overweight for many reasons apart from eating too much.

Lack of exercise or energy usage could lead to greater body weight than normal. Irregular medications or laziness also lead to overweight problems. A person being overweight would mean they are suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes. If a person does not try to keep the weight in the normal range and stays overweight, there might be heart disease symptoms. A person could suffer from heart attacks or strokes due to an unhealthy lifestyle and diet. 

To cure overweight symptoms, a regular exercise plan is necessary. A planned diet and energy burnout should be regular. Lack of exercise and unhealthy fat-rich meals often lead to permanent health damage. 


An obese person's BMI would be 30.0 or more. A long-time overweight person becomes obese due to a lack of care and a healthy lifestyle. Obesity leads to dangerous health hazards such as brain or heart stroke and even cancer. Normally obesity is caused by eating too many fatty foods with less movement or energy burnout.

Obesity could also be genetically passed on disease. Lack of sleep and a stressful lifestyle are also symptoms of obesity. A person being obese means they do not perform the required exercise to have a healthy lifestyle. Long-time obesity can be too dangerous as it causes irregular heartbeats and breathing problems. 

To cure obesity, medical help is necessary. Professional trainers and a planned diet can restore a person's health routine. Proper exercise with less fat-enriched food would provide the necessary nutrition and help to have regular energy usage. 


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