Determination of split tear strength of supplied sample.

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Name of The Experiment : Determination of split tear strength of supplied sample.


Scope : This method can be used for any type of leather.


Norm : DIN-53329


Principle : It can  be defined as the load required in kg to continue the split in the leather sample in 10mm thickness. It is better to express the split tear strength in 1cmm width instead of 1cm thickness.

Sample Size :



Apparatus and Materials : Tensile testing machine


Sample Preparation : The specimen is rectangle of 75mm long and 25mm width. Split the sample into the two up to 25mm of the sample.


Procedure: Fix the two layer into the jaw of tensile testing machine. Then apply load and continue splitting of the sample.



                        Thickness of the specimen = 2mm

                                                            Load= 300gm



                        Split tear strength        =

                                                            = 3/2.5=1.2kg/cm


Remark : Requirements for split tear strength is 1-2kg/cm. So result for specimen is acceptable

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