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Published on 29-Jun-2022

Abstract Noun

An abstract noun refers to the name of a quality, action, or state f an object. 

Examples of Abstract Nouns: 

Truthfulness is a great virtue. A truthful man never tells a lie. It has a deep impact on our moral character. A truthful person gets respect from everybody. He exercises love, honesty, and kindness. He is never disturbed by fear and anxiety. In the above passage the words truthfulness, virtue, lie, character, love, honesty, kindness, fear, anxiety, inspiration describe the names of abstract things. They cannot be touched or seen. They can only be felt. So they are abstract nouns.

Note: The nouns ending withness, tion, hood, ship, dom, ment, ism, th, ty, ce, are abstract nouns.

Kind + ness = kindness 

Real + ism = realism 

Attract + tion = actraction                                                  

True + th = truth 

Child + hood = childhood 

Cruel + ty = cruelty 

Hard + ship = hardship                                                    

Confident + ce = confidence 

Free + dom = freedom                                                       

Accurate + cy = accuracy 

Manage + ment = management

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