Purpose of Presentation Software, Uses of Presentation Software

Published on 01-Aug-2022

Present time is the age to determine the welfare of mankind by creating exchange of information and its flow accessable. Now among the National and international reaserches, educationt social worker and professionals the necessity of exchange or recive and transmit of information has become very important.

To make all kinds of storage of information easily available to all, regular arrangements of meeting, seminar sympsium workshop etc. are being done. By this all related to their own field of work get the opportunity to achiev up to date information.

To present information attractively and actively with the help of computer in meeting, seminar-symposium, workshops etc; different presentation software also are used.

With this; writings, pictures, audio, video, graph etc. are combined with information and can be presented attractively. As a matter of fact this software can be used very easily and nicely to present information actively in meeting, seminar symposium, workshop etc. For this it can be said that this software has no alternative. For this reason to present information in meeting, seminar symposium, worhshop etc. presentation software is very important.

Present publication industry of our country is wholly dependent on the use of Graphic software. And in this field the widely used software is Adobe illustrator. Adobe illustrator is mainly a program for drawing picture, creating design, making logo and other designs. Job of making design is very limited with the help of Adobe Photoshop program and in the same way there is almost no way to edit picture in Ad illustrator. Main function of illustrator is art of draws In our country now a days the artists have given up uses of color and brush for the cover -making o. publications of stories, poems, novels, articles etc. they make cover design by using Adobe illustrator.  At present the job of making different sizes of posts sized banner, bill board including small of invitation card, advertisement etc. can not be me without illustrator.

There are other programs for design works computer. But for convenience and verities of work demand of illustrator is much more. For these illustrator program is popular in the world widely.

In illustrator program, beside using key board computer for writings in English and Bengali, writings can be done as similar to the writings by brush also. After writing letter or sizes and shape of letters be changed as per wish or requirement. For these of different facilities the demand of Adobe illustrator software has created a new dimension in the publication industry.


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