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Published on 29-Jun-2022

 The resistor is the English word (Resistor) means resistor or bound! It usually causes a voltage drop. A resistor is an electrical component in an electrical device that controls or regulates the electric current flow.

 If we want to know about resistors here, we must first know about another thing about resistors, resistance! Resistance is a special property of conductors.

The symbol of the resistor-

 The resistor is usually denoted or expressed by (R). And the unit of the register is the ohm or (Ω) sign T! Usually, we see entries like (R1) (R2) (R3) (R4) (R5) on electronics circuit boards. Remember that the resistor will be the component of these writings. There will be a certain quality resistor.

 Therefore, you can see that the register R is expressed here. And fixed quality resistors have been installed in certain places.

 Resistor type-

 There are generally two types of resistors. But within these two types, there are again some more types.


Fixed resistor

 1.1 Carbon resistor

 Carbon film

 Carbon composite

 Carbon piles

 Printed carbon

 1.2 Metal resistor

 Metal oxide field

 Metal field

 1.3 Other resistors


 Yay Und





Variable resistor

 2.1 Carbon resistor

 Carbon turning resistor

 2.2 Other resistors

 Chip variables

 Resistance Decade



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