Kidney Disease Symptoms That You Must Know

Published on 02-Sep-2022

Some of the causes of kidney failure are:

  • Too much blood or fluid loss from the body
  • blood pressure medications can also damage the kidneys
  • Heart attack or heart failure
  • Heart diseases
  • Infections inside and outside the body
  • Liver failure cases
  • Too much use of aspirin
  • Severe allergic reactions in the body
  • Too much intake of drugs
  • Consumption of alcohol regularly.

Common signs of kidney diseases

▫ Getting too tired without working a lot and having significantly less amount of energy in the body

▫ Urine becoming foamy

▫ Skin becoming dry and itchy, causing discomfort

▫ Finding the presence of blood in the urine

▫ Unable to sleep or lack of sleep

Even if one kidney is damaged of a person, that won't cause death. The person may become weak, but he or she will be able to survive. If both the kidneys get damaged, kidneys can be transplanted from another person. But it is essential for the blood group and other factors to match with the person from whom the kidney will be transplanted. Many factors must be taken care of while kidney transplantation, like tissue rejection and the same blood groups of both persons. It is also essential to check whether the person has any diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, or other medical issues.


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