Columbus Day 2022 - Facts & Celebrations

Published on 27-Sep-2022

When is columbus day in 2022?

Answer:  10th of October 2022

Columbus Day

A holiday is celebrated in the countries of the Americas and various other countries in the name of Columbus Day. Columbus Day is a federal holiday in the United States of America. This day celebrates the day Christopher Columbus first arrived in the Americas. The date was October 12, 1492. Many countries celebrate this holiday in the Americas, Spain, Italy, and others. It is a historical holiday. This day celebrates the first arrival of Christopher Columbus on American soil.

The name of the holiday varies from country to country. The day is celebrated as ‘The Discovery of the Americas’ in the Dominican Republic. Some other countries call it the ‘Day of the Race.’ It did not become a federal holiday until the year 1937. Many celebrate this day for Italian-American heritage, and many celebrate this day for Columbus’s achievements.

Christopher Columbus was an explorer who was Italian. In august 1942, Columbus set sail. His sail was bound for Asia, and he had backups from King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella, Spanish monarchs at that time. The ships used were the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria. Columbus intended to chart a map containing the western sea route to China, India, and other Asian lands filled with spices; instead, Columbus landed in the Bahamas, thus becoming the man who first discovered America.

Later in October, Columbus grabbed his first look at Cuba, believing it was China. In December, the voyage found Hispaniola, and Columbus thought it might be Japan. With 39 men, Columbus established a colony. Columbus returned in the year 1943 in march. He returned with Indian captives, spices, and lots of gold. Columbus died in the year 1506. Before his death, he crossed the Atlantic many more times.

The first celebration of Columbus Day took place in the year 1792.



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