Importance of Kingdom Plantae and Protista .

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Unicellular species with a real nucleus belong to the kingdom Protista. Unicellular algae, such as diatoms, and unicellular species, such as amoeba, are among them. As a result, the kingdom is heterogeneous and autotrophic, while amoeba and paramecium lack chlorophyll and must depend on other external sources for food. Binary fission is the method of asexual reproduction used by unicellular species. Others are important as primary producers in aquatic habitats, while others are parasitic and can infect animals, including humans.

Photosynthetic ability of plants is vital.The kingdom's members are the primary food producers. They are both oxygen producers and CCK users. As a result, plants help to keep the ecosystem in balance. Angiospermic plants are the most advanced in the plant world, and they are the primary source of food for both animals and humans. t and s
The scientific name of an organism is made up of two sections, each of which is agreed according to the declared principles of the ICBN and ICZN.

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