Characteristics of kingdom plantae

Published on 29-Jun-2022

The Plantae (or Viridiplantae) are the clade that includes all living and fossil plants but excludes some microorganisms such as yeasts. The term green plants is a synonym for plants and plant-like organisms that have photosynthetic tissue. , including those now classified as fungi and protists. However, these organisms are now usually considered to be multicellular protists (if unicellular), or eukaryotic microorganisms and not plants.

Plantae has the following characteristics:

  • Plant cells' cell walls are made up of cellulose.
  • They have the capacity to multiply by cell division.
  • They are eukaryotic and chlorophyll-containing organisms.
  • Plants have both organ and organ systems,
  • They get energy from the sun by photosynthesis.
  • They reproduce in both sexual and asexual ways.
  • They are immobile.
  • Interactions between plant cells begin in the embryos and are assisted by tissue and cell development during the life cycle.

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