What is Influencer marketing and why does it matter?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Demand for influence marketing is increasing day by day. Influence marketing is a type of marketing where you use your identity to advertise an organization. In the field of online marketing, influence marketing has opened the door to a new possibility. In the case of online marketing, the future possibilities of influence marketing are being discussed in this writing. 

Influence marketing has brought a new possibility in the field of online marketing. This is a great opportunity especially for those who are interested in building their career through online marketing. The biggest hope is that new influencers are being given more importance than celebrity influencers in terms of influence marketing. 

So if you are active on social media, influence marketing can be a means of your future earning. Today's content is about what is this influence marketing and how you can build a successful future from influence marketing.

What is Influence Marketing?

You may have already heard of Influence Marketing. This term has become very popular especially in the current year. When a person popular on social media advertises their products or services on behalf of an organization through their website, it is called influence marketing. To understand this idea clearer let's look at an example.

Suppose there is a famous photographer who has millions of fans on social media accounts. The photographer's own YouTube channel gets millions of views every day. Now if a camera manufacturer gets their camera ad for that photographer, it will be influence marketing. In this case, the advertisement of that camera will reach millions of people in one day. In the meantime, maybe millions of people will buy the camera. Thus organizations increase their sales through influence marketing. And the influencer marketer earns thousands of Money.

However, at present, companies are more interested in advertising with social media influencer marketers than these celebrities. Because through this an organization can easily reach more people.

Are you an influencer?

Influence this term naturally means that it can affect others. You must be an influencer before you can do influencer marketing. This means that if you have accounts on various social media platforms and you have fan followers there, then you can do influencer marketing. In other words, if you make someone else think through your video or writing various means, then you are a successful influencer.

I will discuss later how you can be a successful influencer. However, many people have the question of how many fan followers need to do influencer marketing. Influence marketers are divided into different ways based on the number of fan followers. So let's first look at what kind of influence marketer you are.

1. Nano Influence Marketer

Influence marketers who have a fan base of between 1000 and 10000 say they have a nano influence market.

2. Micro Influence Marketer

In the case of such influencer marketers, the number of fan followers is from 10000 to 500001.

3. Mid Tier Influence Marketer

The number of followers of such influencer marketers is limited to between 50,000 and 500,000, says their mid-tier influence market.


4. Macro Influence Marketer

The number of followers of such influencer marketers is limited to 5 lakhs to 10 lakhs.

5. Mega Influence Marketer

 Mega Influence Marketers have over 10 lakh followers.

Technique to become an influencer?

Are you already interested in influence marketing? But do not understand how to be a successful influencer. There are some simple techniques for you at this stage of my writing that you can follow to become a successful influencer marketer.

1. Creating accounts on all types of social media platforms

If you want to be an influencer marketer, you have to start now. All you need to do is create an account on all social media platforms. Many people create accounts on only one or two platforms such as Facebook or Twitter. However, if your goal is to become an influencer marketer, then you should try to increase your fan followers in other mediums as well.

2. Excellent content

Remember to look at your content but people will follow you. So make sure your social media or YouTube content is unique and interesting. This will increase your followers and your ideas will spread among the followers.

3. Topic selection

If you are thinking of becoming an influencer marketer, choose an interesting topic from now. Prioritize the subject in which you are proficient. Create your social value for the type of product you want to do influencer marketing.

4. Video creation

You can focus on video when it comes to influencer marketing. Because most people are more interested in watching interesting videos than reading a blog.

5. Gain trust

An influence marketer is a person to whom his followers want to follow personally. So do not do anything harmful to society. Also, never confuse your followers with wrong information.

What are the prospects of influence marketing?

So far I have talked about influence marketing but the main question is what are the prospects? If you have a little bit of marketing knowledge, you will know that a lot of practice has started with influence marketing at present. One of the reasons for this is that through influence marketing, an organization can easily deliver its services or products to its customers. This is easier than any other marketing process. Moreover, influencers are easily attracted to the audience as marketing is done through stories. Therefore, the demand for influence marketing is increasing day by day. But the hope is that in this case, the demand from other marketers is much higher than the mega influencers. For this, it has become a future possibility for various small influence marketers.

Here I had discussed influence marketing. This is a great opportunity especially for those who are involved in online marketing. So if you want to be an influencer marketer, start preparing now.

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