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What is the structure and function of chromosomes?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

The structure of a chromosome is divided into two parts. Such as:

 (i) Physical structure, and

 (ii) Chemical structure

Structure and functions of chromosome

Physical structure: 

Each chromosome contains the following parts:

 (a) Centromere (One or more than one)

 (b) Chronema                     

(c) Pellical

 (d) Matrix                            

(e) Secondary constriction 

 (f) Satellite (in some chromosomes)

 (g) Telomere

 Chemical structure: 

Chemically each chromosome is formed following components:

 (a) Nucleic acid (DMA &RNA)

 (b) Protein (Histone and Non-histone protein)

 (c) Some Calcium and Magnesium. 

 Functions of chromosomes: 

(a) It is a gene bearer and carrier.

(b) It passes down genetic characteristics from parents to their children.

(c) It controls the synthesis of mRNA and proteins.

(d) It controls cell division as well.


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