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Published on 20-Sep-2022

 World War II (WW2)

The 2nd World War began about 20 years after the first World War. Statistically, Hitler's invasion of Poland in the year 1939 of September is what worked as the catalyst of the 2nd World War. However, historically speaking, there is much more to it than that. Benito Mussolini started working in trade unions for social newspapers in 1902 after moving to Italy from Switzerland.

He was investing in Socialism which was controversial among the monarchy as it is today, leading him to get arrested in Switzerland. He was sent back to Italy, where he was set free. But he had to fulfil his mandatory training in the military that he was trying to escape before. After finishing his Military Service, he became an 'anti-war' avid socialist. When Italy colonized Libya in 1910, he began riots with the socialists who admired him and got arrested. When WW1 took place, he rioted again due to Italy's involvement in the war.

Nonetheless, he changed his stigma of 'anti-war' and hailed for the war instead when he realized it would be a perfect opportunity to overthrow European Monarchies and establish Socialism. Unfortunately for him, his prior socialist admirers didn't agree with his new ideology of pledging war, so he was dismissed from the party. Following that, he invented a new social theory known as "Fascism" to take over the entirety of the Mediterranean and reunite all Italian people like it was in the Roman Empire. 

In 1922, Mussolini became the Prime Minister of Italy. His fascist movement gained him many followers, and he successfully became the Prime Minister with their support. Later on 3rd January 1925, Mussolini asserted his right to supreme power in the Parliament and became Italy's first 'Fascist' dictator. On the other side of the world, In 1923, Hitler attempted a march against the English soldiers who took over their country after the Great War, which got him arrested. Hitler was a fighting German soldier in the 1st war, and the misery and humiliation that followed the Germans after losing almost all their economy and having

Englishmen walk around Berlin without restriction made him bitter about the defeat further. He created his political party called the Nazis, and in 1933 he announced the new Chancellor. Gaining even more popularity, Hitler took over the position of a dictator, and Europe faced its second fascist dictator. German was on the losing side of the previous War while Italy was with the allies. Despite that, Mussolini and Hitler joined forces since Italy wanted to grow their territory further, similar to German. Japan, who was initially with the allies as well, joined in on this enforcement, and they created a Tripartite Pact among themselves as an agreement of their mutual community.

Japan was trying to grow its Empire back then by almost annihilating China by invading Korea. Japanese soldiers were stopped by the Soviet troops who guarded the Chinese-Korean borders, which caused Japan to back off. However, when the Soviets tried to take advantage of the already wrecked china from the prior Japanese shenanigans and tried to invade the country, Japan went to War with Russia and came out as the winner.

Meanwhile, back in Germany, Hitler was preparing to militarize the country to establish the rule of pure-blooded Aryans in Germany. Hitler's racial discrimination against the minority ethnic groups in Europe and Germany divulged the horrific account of the Holocaust that millions of Jews were about to face. Moving on, Japan, Italy, and Germany were on a quest to invade less powerful countries that they deemed to be from a lower social class. Hitler went on to invade the entirety of Czechoslovakia despite his agreement not to invade the country with Chamberlain, the former Prime Minister of the UK. On the other hand, Mussolini colonized Abyssinia and Albania, While Japan started another invasion in China and took over Beijing.

The next series of events shocked the allies as German and Russia joined forces to take over Poland, which was in their midst. They decided to split the territory into half to occupy it equally themselves. The polish soldiers fought viciously but lost with the two neighbouring countries demolishing them from both sides. Around 1940, German pulled the same move as the first by attacking Belgium to get inside the French Borders.

To not repeat the same history, UK and France battled ferociously against the German troops to stop them from invading further into Belgium. This time, however, Germany succeeded in invading the entirety of French territory by driving out the British soldier through the sea and almost wiping out the entire French military. Next, Germany attempted to take over Great Britain by Bombing the RAF bases and coasts near the English Channel as a gateway into Britain.

Later, Hitler ordered air raids over London, and the Civilian occupied cities which caused English civilians to take refuge in bankers. Ultimately, in the air battle between the RAF against the Luftwaffe, the RAF managed to defeat German battle planes and save Great Britain from the hands of getting invaded.

Furthermore, Hungary also joined the Tripartite Pact with the other three nations. The world was again shocked when Germany decided to attack Russia full force, leading the largest invasion on 22nd June 1941 that's been ever recorded in history. Germany managed to invade almost half of Russia, but the winter rolled in before reaching Moscow. The German soldiers didn't stand a chance in the cruel cold of Russia while fighting against the Russian soldiers trained for such conditions, so the German soldiers had to step back and dig inside the ground to stay stationed while escaping from the raw exposure to the cold.

Following the same year, on 7th November, Japan attacked British colonies in Southeast Asia and Pearl Harbor through air raids. After this, the UK and the USA declared war against Japan, while Germany declared war against America. Japan attempted another attack on Midway Islands but was defeated by the US navy. The allies first wiped out Germans from France by attacking them from the western front and liberated France. While in the east, allies pushed Japan back out of Burma. 

In the end, France UK, USA and Canada invaded Germany from the French side of the border while the Soviets attacked from their side. Japan, on the other hand, surrendered after the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and finally, the war ended on 2nd September 1939. 

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