Hyperbole : Definition, Examples and meaning

Published on 27-Sep-2022


This literary tool represents the use of exaggeration to emphasize the original meaning of the creative writing. Writers often use Hyperbole as a means to create humor or comedy. The use of Hyperbole is often a play of emotions as every remark is exaggerated. Creative writers use Hyperbole when they want to add unrealistic comparisons or references. 

Example of Hyperbole

• An eye for an eye. 

Explanation: In literal terms, it means an eye costs another eye for revenge. However, it is an exaggeration and unrealistic comparison. 

• I feel like I woke up to a new century.

Explanation: An exaggeration is being made about the length of sleeping time. 

• When I was your age, I used to walk a thousand miles to get to school.

Explanation: Here, a parent is exaggerating about their childhood to teach their children some values and discipline. 

• It felt like million years, but the delivery man finally came. 

Explanation: Unrealistic exaggeration of the time of someone waiting for their mail or courier to be delivered.


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