Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) : Properties and Uses

Published on 14-Oct-2022

Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4)

 Sulfuric acid has a robust acidic nature, and it is highly corrosive. At higher amounts, it acts as an oxidizing agent and also a dehydrating agent. It is a thick liquid that is odorless and has no color. It is soluble in water and discharges heat when dissolved in water. It is highly used in the production of fertilizers. It is also used in chemical fusion and wastewater activities.

Sulfuric acid is possibly one of the most important hefty industrial chemicals, with large-scale uses in a wide range of productions.

Sulfuric acid is highly intense; in aqueous solutions, it ionizes fully to form hydronium ions (H3O+) and hydrogen sulfate ions (HSO4−). Hydrogen sulfate ions ionize highly dilute solutions to give sulfate ions (SO42-).

Uses of sulfuric acid

It is used in the production of fertilizers. It is used in industries that make iron and steel. It is used to manufacture many different types of chemicals. It is used in a process called petrol refining. It is used in the production of phosphoric acid. To remove rust from steel and iron, sulfuric acid is used in industries. It is also used as a catalyst in chemical processes. Sulfuric acid is also used in lead-acid batteries as an electrolyte. Sulfuric acid is also used in the production of ammonium sulfate. Sulfuric acid is used in batteries called storage batteries.

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