Is it possible to recover from a social networking site addiction?

Published on 29-Jun-2022

Saving oneself from a social networking site addiction is similar to overcoming an internet addiction disorder or a video game addiction. When it comes to overcoming one's addiction to social networking sites, the first step is realization — awakening one's conscience.

Family and friends must assist the addict in realizing that he or she must break away from the unpredictable lifestyle. In order to recover from addiction, the addict must develop good willpower and self-control. He should also work on his self-esteem.

He or she must consider whether it is appropriate to continue communicating with all of the people with whom he or she is currently in contact. He or she must reduce the current list's length on the grounds that mere chit-chat is not urgent. He or she must develop the habit of deactivating sites that are no longer useful.

Different recreational habits, such as games and sports, may help to alleviate such addictions to a large degree. Visiting friends, reading books of various interests, and engaging in imaginative extracurricular activities may all be beneficial in this regard.

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