Material Noun | Material noun examples

Published on 28-Sep-2022

Material Noun

Material nouns denote the matter or substance of which things are made. 

Material noun examples 

The words food, bread, vegetable, honey, rice, vegetable, dal, milk, dress, cotton, and wool are material nouns because they are the name of matters and they can be weighed but not counted.

I know you always take a balanced diet. Would you please tell me your daily diet?

I try to take healthy food. At breakfast, I usually make homemade bread, vegetable, and an egg.

Don't you know that children should take honey daily?

Yes, I am very fond of honey.

What about your lunch and dinner?

At lunch, I prefer rice, fish, vegetable, dal, etc. and at dinner, I take bread, vegetable.

sometimes chicken etc. I also take a cup of milk before going to bed.

What kind of dress do you like?

I like a dress made of cotton. I wear clothes made of wool in the winter.

Material Noun Examples

Note: Material nouns cannot be counted-only it can be measured: 

Example: Rubel eats rice.

In the above sentence, rice is a material noun because it is the name of a matter and it can be weighed but not counted. Iron is a useful metal. Man cannot live without water. Fish is good for health. Material nouns are sometimes used as a common noun :

Material noun


Common noun


Iron, wood, milk, mutton beef, water


fatters, sickle, hammer. bench, door, cupboard, ghee, butter, cheese, sheep, cow. river


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