The steps for solving message display like 'Boot Disk failure' or' Hard disk not found'.

Published on 29-Jun-2022

 The following steps are to be taken in case of message-display like 'Boot Disc failure' or 'Hard Disc not found'.• Switching off the power, it is needful to open the caching, and check the data cable connected motherboard and hard disc drive, and check the connecting point of the power cable from power supply unit to hard disc and to connect it properly; • Setting the jumper properly following the jumper setting diagram on the back of the hard disc; • Entering the BIOS, it is needful to check whether the hard disc is detected from the options of the BIOS either manually or automatically. If the problem is not resolved, it is needful to connect the hard disc to a sound computer and check whether it works or not. If the problem persists, a new hard disc is to be bought and installed the required programs. It is necessary to get the 1 job done by an expert hand.

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