10 Famous Educational Apps and Games

Published on 01-Oct-2022

Popular Educational Apps and Games 

The internet has developed throughout the years and is continuing to do so to make everyone’s lives easier. The necessary education that was so difficult in the past to be available to everyone, the internet has made it possible through various applications and games.

Children aging from 3 and over are given the accessibility to learning games and applications. Most schools use online portals and games to keep students engaged in lessons. Fun games and quizzes also create competition and enjoyment during necessary lessons. 

During the Covid breakout, students had no option but to rely on the study from home because of the continuous infection and lockdowns. Even then, many parents are not available enough to teach the children themselves about their jobs and schedules. Educational online gaming portals and apps do not only help students but guardians too who feel guilty for not being too much involved with their children’s education.

The developed apps also are a way for teachers to create more interactive lessons for their students in a more enjoyable manner. The various applications help decrease the pressure on a teacher who has to create multiple lessons daily and organize different assessment materials.

Students, too, are easily given necessary materials with nothing less and nothing extra. Online games are known for being fair and competitive. So the students can learn with various competitive games without partiality and unfair chances. Many online applications require a subscription or paid service for the lesson. Free apps are hard to find with all the requirements. 

The top 10 free applications that help everyone, especially students, to learn something new are: 

Room Recess

 Room Recess is an online gaming portal where children from kindergarten to sixth grade can learn about any subject through games. The application consists of more than 150 games about basic subjects such as Math, Science, English, Geography and History. Online games provide necessary concepts about every subject depending on every child’s age and needs. 


Duolingo is a language learning app that includes more than 40 languages around the world. There are levels and challenges for every user who wants to learn a new language. Duolingo provides alphabets, voice impersonation and virtual lessons to make it easier for everyone to learn a new language free and without paid help. 

Digital Scavenger Hunt

 Digital Scavenger Hunt is an online classroom game. In this game, the teacher provides hidden clues and hints for the students to find the answer to riddles using their brain power. The game is fun and challenging at the same time. It requires clever thinking and problem-solving skills. It is a great game to learn new vocabulary and tricks. 

Digital Charades

Charades is not a new game. However, digital charades have changed the generational game quite a lot. Now digital charades can be played by small groups of people indoors without any paper and pencil hassle. Charades help children learn about new words and phrases in a more fun way. The gaming experience is for playing and learning lessons physically and actively. 

Criminal Case

Criminal Case was a game first introduced as an online website game. The game became very popular as a Facebook-linked game. The game has developed as its application and includes multiple chains and merchandise of the game company. Criminal Case is a riddle-based game filled with clues and puzzles. The game is a great way to learn about new words and use tactics to solve each police criminal case. 


Prodigy is a math-solving game app. The application consists of math puzzles and concept games for students to practice math formulas and lessons. The application is designed for every student’s needs and levels. It has review settings included to give feedback to every student. Prodigy is a great app to practice math problems and improve problem-solving skills.


Kahoot is an online game application for teachers to connect with their students in classrooms. The app is a way for teachers to create puzzles and quizzes for students based on the lessons taught in the class. Kahoot can also be used outside of class for homework and assignments. The gaming app is a fun way to compete against classmates, and solving quizzes helps with learning and practising. 


  GoNoodle is a virtual gaming app. The application includes a bunch of videos on physical and mental exercises. GoNoodle consists of different concept subjects with singing and dancing lessons. Young children are more attracted to this application as it is more active and child friendly. The interactive videos on different topics and guided musical lessons help young children learn new things with more fun. 


 Epic is an online application portal with more than 10 thousand books. The app includes a vast library for all book lovers and students in need of a collection of books. The epic consists of different categories of subjects with necessary learning materials and quizzes to help students practice their lessons. The app also features an interactive option for people to connect with similar interests and chat within the app. Epic is an all-rounder app that includes personal video lectures and explanations of famous books required for assessments.  


Audiobooks is a multi-library application. The app features millions of books from a variety of writers worldwide. Audiobooks became popular for their unique feature of audio reading of every book in the application’s library. With the use of the app, nobody has to necessarily read the book as every book comes with an audio file of the whole book. The Audiobook app is a great way to finish a book for people who do not have the time to read or who have trouble reading. The app also includes a dictionary for various vocabularies. Audiobooks are a more developed E-book library with an interactive audio reading option and vocabulary lessons. 


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