Difference Between Sales and Marketing

Published on 07-May-2023




Focus Product-centric Customer-centric
Goal Generate revenue Build brand awareness
Role Converting prospects to customers Creating and nurturing relationships with prospects and customers
Approach Direct and personal Indirect and impersonal
Primary function Selling Promoting
Scope Short-term and narrow Long-term and broader
Activities Closing deals Market research and analysis
Metrics Sales revenue, conversion rates Brand awareness, engagement rates
Target audience Customers Prospects and customers
Time horizon Immediate Long-term
Customer interaction One-way communication Two-way communication
Sales cycle Shorter Longer
Focus on price Emphasis on price Emphasis on value
Channels Direct sales, telemarketing, email campaigns Advertising, public relations, content marketing
Incentives Commissions and bonuses Salary and benefits
Product knowledge Deep knowledge of the product General knowledge of the market and customer needs
Customer relationship Transactional Relational
Key skillsets Negotiation, persuasion Communication, strategy
Success indicators Sales targets met Brand loyalty, customer satisfaction
Sales and marketing mix One of the four P's of marketing One of the four P's of marketing

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